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Few environments depend more on maintaining operational continuity than educational facilities. Schedules rule, and disruptions to what is "normal" rack up significant costs and immeasurable hassle. There is minimal (if any) room for adjustment to space assignment, so operational loss-of-use can be even more difficult to recover than physical property.


After decades of serving school districts, colleges and universities, ACR learned quickly from our clients that even one day of displacement can sting with a cascading effect of costs, changes and cancellations. From organizations' finance leaders, risk managers to operations staff and buildings & grounds, it's a big enough challenge to keep things on track with no unusual scenarios at all. But in the event of property damage due to water or sewer damage, fire and smoke (with associated odors), mold or biohazard, the challenge to maintain operational continuity can seem impossible.


However, if ACR is your restoration partner, the goal in recovery includes keeping schedules running, spaces available for use and a minimum impact to the operational budget. The only way to achieve this is to plan for it, well ahead of any disastrous event.

One of the most vulnerable assets of virtually all educational facility organizations, as well as recreational, is the gymnasium floor. With total installation costs hovering at more than $200,000,


The traditional method of dealing with water-damaged gym floors is to tear-out the entire floor and replace it. This represents commitments both to losing use for at least two months, as well as a big operational budget hit. Many organizations have increased their deductible in an effort to contain premiums, and that leaves many gym floor recoveries as "out-of-pocket."


Drying gym floors in-place is an ACR specialty that won the coveted RIA Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration, saving more than 80% in recovery costs and more than 90% in operational continuity.

Also of great concern in educational facility operations in the event of property damage:


Libraries: Advanced document and book drying, furniture drying

Kitchens/Cafeteria: Comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting

Artwork and School Memorabilia: Expert conservation services

Science Labs: Protecting against costly loss of use and grant interruption

Computer Labs: State-of-the-art electronics drying

Dorms and Faculty Spaces: Including the nightmare of displacement and relocation



Trust ACR's 30+ years of service to the educational community by asking us to bid on capital improvement projects. We cover a wide range of project types, all with the same high level of workmanship and care that you already know.


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Maintaining Operational Continuity

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