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The nature of the economy has forced insurance companies to redouble their efforts to control claim costs. This puts adjusters and all other claims pros in a precarious situation, caught halfway between serving the needs of the policyholder to regain pre-loss condition and the insurance companies that seek to close claims at the minimum possible cost.


There is indeed a way to satisfy both sides and ACR hits the mark by focusing on mitigation and recovery first, before tear-out and replacement are even considered. ACR is laser-focused on reducing loss of use and operational expense, so tear-out and replacement is chosen only when genuinely called for, based on the loss and industry standards..


Clients win with shorter recovery times, insurance companies win with lower claim costs and claims management wins with better loss ratios.


From an adjuster's perspective, it's very comforting knowing that your choice of restoration contractor is dedicated to strict adherence to IICRC and other top level protocol and guidelines. Decisions are made exclusively through industry education and vast experience. All actions are supported by intensive documentation, moisture mapping, time-stamped photos and copious tech notes.

One of the stark realities in the claims world today is that when policyholders have a claim, they are so often told to "call the 800 number" to initiate their claim.


This approach to servicing claims has consequences both for the claimant and for the agent. In the past, policyholders would call their agent who would say, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it for you." The agent would then make the necessary calls to the carriers' claims people, and the policyholder would feel that their agent performed on their behalf. Then when renewal time would come around, they would recall that their agent took care of them personally and be more likely to renew the policy.


Particularly in business, policyholders want to feel like their premiums earn them a certain level of care from their agent, so a well-informed decision on what restoration company to recommend is a major plus for agents selling in both commercial and residential markets.

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